Frequently asked questions

Cryptolenden is Dollar & cryptocurrency Exchange Website in Bangladesh. but not only Bangladesh We give service internationally.

Its very simple. Registered Member Make exchange order From Our Homepage. They can Exchange their Money one wallet to another wallet. We take very small fee for that.

After sending payment on our end , we pay their payment within 30 minutes. Though this process done manually for safety.

Suppose "X" User have some money on his perfectMoney account & he/she want to exchange his money for Bitcoin. "X" User can done this whole process in our website very fast. We will take just Very small fee from "X" User.

We Provide Our Service Internationally. You can make exchange order from any country. 

We are best Because

  1. We pay our user under 30 Minutes.
  2. We give user instant support
  3. We take Very Small Fee on Exchange
  4. User Firendly interface
  5. Mobile & desktop optimized
  6. All reviews Posted by our customer are positive.

it will take 2 Minutes - 4 hours . in the worst cases it will take up to 24 hours. Crypto Transaction Payment Will be Paid After 1 Confirmation of Network. But We do our best to give payment in no time.

its simple everyone think about it but we confirm you that we are not scammer. We came here to do real business. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

We guarantee you that you will get your payment but some times it can be late due to heavy work pressure. Already many users posted their reviews you can check.

Remember, They can post review only when They make an exchange on our website!!!

Finally, Don't think about it. We are very transparent & We believe that Honesty is the best policy.

We convert Crypto to USD & USD to Crypto by Coinmarketcap Currency Converter tool. You can check it from Here

Yes, We have affiliate program. We share 10% of our profit from every exchange from your referrals. its valid for lifetime.

Please imagine how big your earning will be!